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// Copyright 2011 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.
// Use of this software is subject to the terms of the Autodesk
// license agreement provided at the time of installation or download,
// or which otherwise accompanies this software in either electronic
// or hard copy form.
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#ifndef _cgfxTextureCache_h_
#define _cgfxTextureCache_h_
#include "cgfxShaderCommon.h"
#include "cgfxAttrDef.h"
#include <string>
template <class T> class cgfxRCPtr;
class cgfxTextureCache;
class cgfxTextureCacheEntry
const std::string& getTextureFilePath() const {
return fTextureFilePath;
const std::string& getShaderFxFile() const {
return fShaderFxFile;
const std::string& getAttrName() const {
return fAttrName;
cgfxAttrDef::cgfxAttrType getAttrType() const {
return fAttrType;
GLuint getTextureId() const {
return fTextureId;
GLuint isValid() const {
return fValid;
GLuint isStaled() const {
return fStaled;
void markAsStaled();
// For debugging...
int getRefCount() const {
return fRefCount;
friend class cgfxRCPtr<cgfxTextureCacheEntry>;
friend class cgfxTextureCache;
// Construct a cache entry containing both the key and the
// texture data.
const std::string& textureFilePath,
const std::string& shaderFxFile,
const std::string& attrName,
cgfxAttrDef::cgfxAttrType attrType,
GLuint textureId,
bool valid
: fRefCount(0),
void addRef();
void release();
int fRefCount; // For cgfxRCPtr...
// Key for uniquely indentifying this entry.
// FIXME: This should be changed to a pointer to an cgfxAttrDef
// once the cgfxEffect cache is implemented...
std::string fTextureFilePath;
std::string fShaderFxFile;
std::string fAttrName;
cgfxAttrDef::cgfxAttrType fAttrType;
// Data about the loaded texture.
// Indicates whether the has been correctly read.
bool fValid;
// Indicates that an invalidation has been recieved for this
// texture entry. New request to the cache should create a new
// entry by re-reading the potentially changed texture file
// instead of reusing this entry.
bool fStaled;
// The GL identifer for this entry. Might contained a stand-in
// texture if the texture file couldn't be properly read.
GLuint fTextureId;
class cgfxTextureCache
static void initialize();
static void uninitialize();
// Return the single instance of the texture cache.
static cgfxTextureCache& instance();
// Return the texture cache entry matching the parameters. If the
// texture is not present in the cache, an entry will be created
// and an attempt to load the texture data from the texture file
// will be made.
virtual cgfxRCPtr<cgfxTextureCacheEntry> getTexture(
MString texFileName,
MObject textureNode,
MString shaderFxFile,
MString attrName,
cgfxAttrDef::cgfxAttrType attrType
) = 0;
// For debugging...
virtual void dump() const = 0;
friend class cgfxTextureCacheEntry;
class Imp;
virtual ~cgfxTextureCache();
// Prohibited and not implemented.
cgfxTextureCache(const cgfxTextureCache&);
const cgfxTextureCache& operator=(const cgfxTextureCache&);