MDrawData Class Reference

#include <MDrawData.h>

Class Description

This method is obsolete.

Use MHWRender::MRenderItem and MHWRender::MPxGeometryOverride instead for Viewport 2.0 support.

The MDrawData class holds geometry specific information for user defined shapes which maya does not intrinsicly know about.

This class is used in the draw methods of MPxSurfaceShapeUI For each draw request you must create and add a draw data object which will contain geometry specific information that you will need in the subsequent call to MPxSurfaceShapeUI::draw.

MDrawData contains one void* member which is a pointer to an object that you define. This object is the geometry needed to draw your shape.

To create draw data use the function MPxSurfaceShapeUI::getDrawData. This function takes two arguments, the first is a pointer to your geometry object, the second is the draw data being created. To add the data to a request use MDrawRequest::setDrawData.

Draw data is also used to carry texture information to your draw method. For materials with texture you must call MMaterial::evaluateTexture from your MPxSurfaceShapeUI::getDrawRequests method. Then in your draw method use MMaterial::applyTexture to set up the viewport to draw using the textured material.

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Public Member Functions

 MDrawData ()
 Constructor. More...
 MDrawData (const MDrawData &in)
 Copy constructor. More...
 ~MDrawData ()
void * geometry ()
 Returns the geometry associated with this draw data object. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * className ()
 Returns the name of this class. More...

Protected Member Functions

MDrawDataoperator= (const MDrawData &other)
 Operator =. More...


class MMaterial
class MPxSurfaceShapeUI
class MDrawRequest

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MDrawData ( )


Creates an empty draw data object. Use MPxSurfaceShapeUI::getDrawData to set up this object.

MDrawData ( const MDrawData other)

Copy constructor.

[in]otherdraw data to copy

Member Function Documentation

void * geometry ( )

Returns the geometry associated with this draw data object.

The geometry is set using the getDrawData method of MPxSurfaceShapeUI.

A pointer to the geometry.
+ Examples:
const char * className ( )

Returns the name of this class.

Name of this class.
MDrawData & operator= ( const MDrawData other)

Operator =.

[in]otherdraw data input

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