MEvaluationGraph Class Reference

#include <MEvaluationGraph.h>

Class Description

Evaluation graph object.

The evaluation graph holds information about what in the scene is considered to be live (or time dependent). It is constructed out of dirty messages, and has full knowledge of dependencies between live nodes. This is why it can be used to replace regular Maya evaluation with dirty propagation.

The evaluation graph is linked to DG context and graph construction. This context is fully respected during evaluation.

Evaluation with the evaluation graph can be done in different modes and depending on settings, a different executor is used to traverse the graph and do complete or partial graph computation. Unlike the DG, the evaluation with evaluation graph is using forward evaluation model. Graph topology is defined by directional connections between evaluation nodes.

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Public Member Functions

MDGContext context (MStatus *ReturnStatus) const
 Provides evaluation context. More...
bool partialEvaluation () const
 Test if graph is partially invalidated. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * className ()
 Returns the name of this class. More...


class MCustomEvaluatorClusterNode

Member Function Documentation

MDGContext context ( MStatus ReturnStatus) const

Provides evaluation context.

[in]ReturnStatusStatus object
Current evaluation context
Status Codes:
bool partialEvaluation ( ) const

Test if graph is partially invalidated.

True if scene evaluation was partially invalidated
const char * className ( )

Returns the name of this class.

The name of this class.

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