Count Class Reference

Count Class Reference

#include <adskDebugCount.h>

Class Description

Class implementing debug object counting operation.

This class converts a simple counter into a Debug request.

Public Member Functions

 Count ()
 Default constructor - initializes the static object counter.
 ~Count ()
 Default destructor - does nothing.
Countoperator= (size_t rhsCounter)
 Assign a computed counter object to a debug object. More...

Member Function Documentation

Count & operator= ( size_t  counter)

Assign a computed counter object to a debug object.

The counter object is maintained by the class being debugged, the debug object is what is used for reporting debugging information. This assignment operator provides the bridge to move the information from one to the other.

[in]counterComputed object counting information to be assigned
Reference to the assigned object (i.e. this)

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