#ifndef _assemblyReferenceInitialRep_h_
#define _assemblyReferenceInitialRep_h_
* This is a utility class that manages the initial representation
* configuration information for an assembly references:
* -formatting of active representation configuration for output before the
* assembly reference is saved
* -interpreting the previously saved configuration data when assembly reference
* is initialized
* -querying the initial representation settings
* -clearing the data when it is no longer required
* Most of the implementation is actually written in python, this class is a wrapper
* around calls into that class - see
class MString;
class MObject;
class assemblyReferenceInitialRep {
virtual ~assemblyReferenceInitialRep();
bool reader(const MObject &rootAssembly);
bool writer(const MObject &rootAssembly) const;
MString getInitialRep(const MObject &targetAssembly, bool &hasInitialRep) const;
bool clear(const MObject &rootAssembly) const;
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