Assigns geographic location information to a drawing file.

You assign a geographic location by specifying the latitude and longitude of a known location and marking the corresponding position in model space. You can also override the default GIS coordinate system relative to which the latitude and longitude are specified.

The following prompts are displayed.

Map Find
Displays a dialog box containing a map, if you are signed in to Autodesk A360. Pick a location from the map. If you are not signed in to A360, you can only specify the latitude, longitude, and elevation.
File Find
Displays a standard file open dialog box to enable you to select a *.kml (keyhole markup language) or *.kmz (compressed KML) file. The program extracts the first place mark specified in the file you select.
Select a point
Specifies the point in model space that corresponds to the geographic location you specify in the dialog box. The command places a zoom invariant indicator known as the geographic marker at the point you specify.
Specify north angle direction
Specifies the direction of the north as an angular deviation from the X axis on the World Coordinate System (WCS). By default, the north is the positive Y direction.
  • First point- Specifies a start point of a line that indicates the north direction.
  • Second point- Specifies the end point of the line that indicates the north direction.