PLINE (Command)

Creates a 2D polyline, a single object that is composed of line and arc segments.


The following prompts are displayed.

Specify start point
Sets the starting point for the polyline.
  • A temporary plus-shaped marker displays at the first point.
  • Pressing Enter starts a new polyline from the last endpoint specified in creating a polyline, line, or arc.
Specify next point
  • If you specify a second point, you create straight segments.
  • If you enter a (for Arc), you create arc segments.

Prompts Common to Line and Arc Segments

Connects the first and last segments to create a closed polyline.
Specifies the width from the center of a wide segment to an edge.
Specifies the width of the next segment.

Some things to keep in mind when defining the half-width or width of a polyline.

  • The starting width becomes the default ending width.
  • The ending width becomes the uniform width for all subsequent segments until you change the width again.
  • The starting and ending points of wide line segments are at the centerline of the segment.
  • Typically, the intersections of adjacent wide polyline segments are beveled.
  • No beveling is performed for nontangent arc segments, very acute angles, or when a dot-dash linetype is used.
Removes the most recently added segment.

Line-Only Prompts

Begins creating arc segments tangent to the previous segment.
Creates a segment of a specified length at the same angle as the previous segment. If the previous segment is an arc, the new line segment is tangent to that arc segment.

Arc-Only Prompts

Endpoint of arc
Completes an arc segment. The arc segment is tangent to the previous segment of the polyline.
Specifies the included angle of the arc segment from the start point.

Entering a positive number creates counterclockwise arc segments. Entering a negative number creates clockwise arc segments.

Specifies an arc segment based on its center point.
Note: For the Center option of the PLINE command, enter ce; for the Center object snap, enter cen or center.
Specifies the tangent for the arc segment.
  • (2) Tangent direction from the start point of the arc. Specifies a point that establishes a tangency of the curve to the start point. The arc curves away from the vector between the start point and the tangent point.
  • (3) Endpoint of the arc. Specifies the endpoint of the arc segment.
Tip: Press Ctrl to draw in a clockwise direction.
Switches from drawing arc segments to drawing straight segments.
Specifies the radius of the arc segment.
Second pt
Specifies the second point and endpoint of a three-point arc.

Linetype Pattern

The PLINEGEN system variable controls how linetype patterns generate around the vertices of a 2D polyline.

Note: Changing this value does not affect existing polylines. Change the Linetype Generation setting on the Properties palette to update existing polylines.