TXT2MTXT (Command)

Converts or combines single-line or multiline text objects into one or more multiline text objects.


The selected text objects are replaced by one or more multiline text objects. If possible, the text size, font, and color differences between text objects are maintained.

Command: TXT2MTXT

Select objects or [SEttings]: Use an object selection method to select text or specify the Settings option to display the Text to Mtext Options dialog box.

Dialog Box Options

Combine into a single mtext object Combines selected text objects into a single mtext object.
Text ordering - Sort top-down Specifies the order of the selected text by descending vertical position.
Text ordering - Select order of text Specifies the order of the selected text by manual selection.
Word-wrap text Combines all the lines of text into a single line, and then wraps any text that exceeds the width of the mtext object to the next line.
Force uniform line spacing Applies consistent interline spacing and paragraph spacing when word wrap is turned on. Paragraph spacing is 50% larger than interline spacing.


Select three text objects and convert them to a single multiline text object.

Select the text objects:

The text objects are converted to a single mtext object:

Note: The mtext object retains the multiple lines because the three text objects were aligned vertically. If the text objects were not aligned, the result would have been an mtext object with all the text on a single line, or possibly wrapped if the word-wrap option is turned on.