-FBXIMPORT (Command)

Imports an Autodesk® FBX file containing objects, lights, camera and materials.

The following prompts are displayed.

Enter path and name of file to import
Enter the path to and the file name of the FBX file to import to AutoCAD.

A list of items that can be imported is displayed.

Specify types to import
Sets which properties are imported with the FBX file. Press Enter to accept the current settings, or choose another option.
Prompts you to enter Yes or No to change the current default settings for import of objects, lights, cameras and other properties. You can also specify layer assignment and unit conversion scale.
  • Import objects?Imports all objects.
  • Import lights? Imports Point, Spot, Distant, Photometric, Sun, and Sky lights properties. AutoCAD settings are applied for Plot Glyph, Glyph Display, Targeted (Geometry), and Render Shadow Details properties of the imported lights.
  • Import cameras? Imports all cameras and uses the AutoCAD setting for the plot property of the camera. Create target cameras in Autodesk® 3ds MAX to accurately import them into AutoCAD.
  • Import materials? Imports materials.
  • Layer assignment. Specifies the layer to contain the contents of the FBX file. You can specify and name a new layer, select the current layer, or specify that the object layers are determined by assigned materials.
  • Enter unit conversion (FBX file: Inches, Current Drawing: Inches). Specifies the conversion scale. Enter a conversion factor to import the objects using the same unit of measurement as the current drawing file. The syntax is <unit value in FBX file: unit value in current drawing>, as shown in the following example: <1.000:1.000>
  • Insert file as block? Inserts the contents of the imported FBX file as a block. Importing the objects in the FBX file as a block allows you to move, scale, rotate, and make other modifications to it.
  • Name the block.(Available if Insert file as block? = Yes) Specifies a name for the block. The contents of the FBX file is saved as a block to the temp folder.
All types
Imports all properties with the FBX file.