Attaches a hyperlink to an object or modifies an existing hyperlink.


Hyperlinks in a drawing provide jumps to associated files. For example, a hyperlink can launch a word processing program and open a specified file, another hyperlink can launch a web browser and display a specified web page.

If you enter -HYPERLINK at the Command prompt, options are displayed, including an option to define an area to associate with a hyperlink.

The following prompts are displayed.

Select objects
Selects the object that will have the hyperlink attachment.

One of the following dialog boxes is displayed:

  • Insert Hyperlink dialog box (for graphical objects that do not already contain hyperlinks)
  • Edit Hyperlink dialog box (for graphical objects that already contain hyperlinks)

After you insert a hyperlink, the hyperlink icon is displayed when you move the cursor over the attached object. To open the hyperlink, right-click the selected object and choose Hyperlink. The PICKFIRST system variable must be set to 1 to open files associated with hyperlinks.