Check Spelling Dialog Box

Checks the spelling in single-line text, multiline text, multileader text, text within block attributes, text within xrefs, and text added to dimensions.

In block attributes, only the attribute values are checked. The spelling in text objects within block references and nested block references is checked, but spell checking in block definitions is performed only if the block reference has been selected.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.

Where to Check

Displays the areas you want checked for spelling.

Select Text Objects

Limits the spelling check to the selected single-line text, multiline text, dimension text, multileader text, text within block attributes, and text within xrefs.

Not in Dictionary

Displays the word identified as misspelled.


Displays a list of suggested replacement words from the current dictionary.

You can select another replacement word from the list, or edit or enter a replacement word in the top Suggestions text area.

Main Dictionary

Lists the main dictionary options. The default dictionary will depend on the language setting.


Starts checking text for spelling errors.


Skips the current word.

Ignore All

Skips all remaining words that match the current word.

Add to Dictionary

Adds the current word to the current custom dictionary. The maximum word length is 63 characters.


Replaces the current word with the word in the Suggestions box.

Change All

Replaces the current word in all selected text objects in the spell check area.


Displays the Dictionaries dialog box.


Opens the Check Spelling Settings dialog box.


Reverses the previous check spelling action or series of actions, including Ignore, Ignore All, Change, Change All, and Add to Dictionary.