To Reshape a Hatch Object

To reshape an associative hatch object, you modify its boundary objects. To reshape a nonassociative or unbounded hatch, you modify the hatch object itself.

Reshape Associative Hatch Objects

To modify the extents of an associative hatch object, select its boundary object or objects and edit them as you would any other object.
Tip: To view all objects in a complex boundary, expand the Boundaries panel and click Display Boundary Objects.
Note: If you modify the boundary objects of an associative hatch, and the result maintains a closed boundary, the associated hatch object is automatically updated. If the changes result in an open boundary, the hatch loses its associativity with the boundary objects, and the hatch remains unchanged.

Reshape Non-associative (Unbounded) Hatch Objects

When you select a non-associative hatch, multi-functional grips are displayed on the hatch. You can use these grips to modify the hatch extents as well as several hatch properties.

Note: For drastic changes, you can use TRIM to reduce the area covered by a hatch object, or EXPLODE to disassemble a hatch into its component objects.