About Hatch Patterns and Fills

You can fill existing objects or enclosed areas with hatch patterns, solid color fills, or gradients, or you can create new hatch objects.

Choose from:

Gradients that mimic colors displayed on a cylinder, a sphere, or other shapes are available.

Hatch Boundaries and Associativity

In the following illustration, the concrete hatches are bounded, while the earth hatches are unbounded.

By default, bounded hatches are associative, which means that the hatch object is associated with the hatch boundary objects: changes to the boundary objects are automatically applied to the hatch.

Nonassociative hatches are not updated when their original boundary is changed.

Hatch associativity is turned on by default and is controlled by the HPASSOC system variable. You can change hatch associativity using the Associate button on the Options palette, the Properties palette, or the Hatch Edit dialog box.

Note: The OSOPTIONS system variable controls how object snaps work with hatch objects.