Intensity Tab (Point Cloud Color Map Dialog Box)

Edits the color scheme settings for Intensity point cloud stylization.

The Intensity, Elevation, and Classification stylizations colorize a point cloud based on the relevant point data in the point cloud. You can choose predefined color schemes like "Spectrum" or "Earth," or create your own schemes. You can assign the same color scheme to Intensity and Elevation, or assign a different scheme to each. Classification has a separate set of schemes.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.

Color Ramp

Shows the range of color values that will be applied to the point cloud. You can click a color here to change it.

Color Scheme

Lists all color schemes defined in the drawing. Choose a predefined color scheme or create your own.

Number of Colors

Specifies the number of colors in the color scheme.

Reverse Colors

Reverses the order of the colors in the color ramp.

Re-Ramp Colors

Re-ramps the color ramp based on the first and last colors.

Display As Gradient

Specifies whether to apply the color range as a gradient or as separate bands of color.

Range Of Colorized Points

Apply To Extents

Sets the range to the highest and lowest intensity values in the point cloud.

Maximum Intensity

Sets the maximum intensity value to which the color scheme is mapped.

Minimum Intensity

Sets the minimum intensity value to which the color scheme is mapped.

Out of Range Points

Sets the display for points with values higher or lower than the specified range.