To Specify Hatch Pattern Alignment and Origin

By default, the alignment and orientation of a hatch pattern is determined by the origin point and orientation of the UCS (user coordinate system), but you can change these settings as needed.

  1. Click Home tabDraw panelHatch. Find
  2. Click Hatch Creation tabProperties panelPattern. Find
  3. On the Pattern panel, click a hatch pattern.
  4. On the Origin panel, click Set Origin, and specify a point in the drawing. Click Hatch Creation tabOrigin panelSet Origin. Find
    Tip: For example, if you create a brick pattern, you can start with a complete brick in the lower-left corner of the hatched area by specifying a new origin point.
  5. On the Properties panel, specify a hatch angle. (Hatch Creation tabProperties panelPattern. Find)
    Tip: In some cases, it might be easier to move or rotate the UCS (user coordinate system) to align with existing objects before you create the hatch object.
  6. In the drawing area, click inside each area that you want to hatch.
  7. Click Hatch Creation tabClose panelClose Hatch Creation. Find