To Set Property Overrides for New Hatch Objects

Hatch objects have an additional capability that is not available with other types of objects: You can specify which color and transparency values will be automatically applied to each new hatch object, and on which layer they'll be created, regardless of the current property settings.

  1. Click Home tabDraw panelHatch. Find
  2. On the Properties panel, set the default values for hatch type, hatch color, background color, transparency, pattern angle, and pattern scale.
  3. To set the default layer, expand the Properties panel, and choose a layer in the Hatch Layer Override drop-down list.
  4. Specify a point inside each area that you want to hatch.
  5. Press Enter, or click Close on the ribbon to apply the hatch and exit the command.

All new hatch objects will use the values you set here instead of the current layer, color, or transparency values used by all other objects.