PMTOGGLE (Command)

Controls whether the Performance Recorder is turned on or off.


The Performance Recorder will log system events and detailed system information while you recreate a performance problem. When you finish recording, the resulting log file and feedback questionnaire is then sent directly to the AutoCAD performance team for analysis. A "performance problem" means program behavior that is slow, unresponsive, jumpy, or not as responsive as you would expect.

The tool starts logging system events immediately after you turn on the recorder and stops when you turn it off with PMTOGGLE. A red dot displays with your graphics cursor while you're recording.

Recording system events creates a log file. This log file can grow large, and recordings that exceed five minutes will be automatically discarded.

After you complete the recording, a performance questionnaire will display for you to provide additional information.

  • The Performance Feedback tool is installed by default for a typical installation.
  • You must have an internet connection and be logged in to Autodesk 360 to submit your report.
  • The performance questionnaire is currently available in English only.