FBX C++ API Reference
Copyright (C) 2015 Autodesk, Inc.
All rights reserved.
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this software in either electronic or hard copy form.
#ifndef _SCENE_CACHE_H
#define _SCENE_CACHE_H
#include "GlFunctions.h"
// Save mesh vertices, normals, UVs and indices in GPU with OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects
class VBOMesh
// Save up data into GPU buffers.
bool Initialize(const FbxMesh * pMesh);
// Update vertex positions for deformed meshes.
void UpdateVertexPosition(const FbxMesh * pMesh, const FbxVector4 * pVertices) const;
// Bind buffers, set vertex arrays, turn on lighting and texture.
void BeginDraw(ShadingMode pShadingMode) const;
// Draw all the faces with specific material with given shading mode.
void Draw(int pMaterialIndex, ShadingMode pShadingMode) const;
// Unbind buffers, reset vertex arrays, turn off lighting and texture.
void EndDraw() const;
// Get the count of material groups
int GetSubMeshCount() const { return mSubMeshes.GetCount(); }
// For every material, record the offsets in every VBO and triangle counts
struct SubMesh
SubMesh() : IndexOffset(0), TriangleCount(0) {}
int IndexOffset;
int TriangleCount;
GLuint mVBONames[VBO_COUNT];
FbxArray<SubMesh*> mSubMeshes;
bool mHasNormal;
bool mHasUV;
bool mAllByControlPoint; // Save data in VBO by control point or by polygon vertex.
// Cache for FBX material
class MaterialCache
bool Initialize(const FbxSurfaceMaterial * pMaterial);
// Set material colors and binding diffuse texture if exists.
void SetCurrentMaterial() const;
bool HasTexture() const { return mDiffuse.mTextureName != 0; }
// Set default green color.
static void SetDefaultMaterial();
struct ColorChannel
ColorChannel() : mTextureName(0)
mColor[0] = 0.0f;
mColor[1] = 0.0f;
mColor[2] = 0.0f;
mColor[3] = 1.0f;
GLuint mTextureName;
GLfloat mColor[4];
ColorChannel mEmissive;
ColorChannel mAmbient;
ColorChannel mDiffuse;
ColorChannel mSpecular;
GLfloat mShinness;
// Property cache, value and animation curve.
struct PropertyChannel
PropertyChannel() : mAnimCurve(NULL), mValue(0.0f) {}
// Query the channel value at specific time.
GLfloat Get(const FbxTime & pTime) const
if (mAnimCurve)
return mAnimCurve->Evaluate(pTime);
return mValue;
FbxAnimCurve * mAnimCurve;
GLfloat mValue;
// Cache for FBX lights
class LightCache
// Set ambient light. Turn on light0 and set its attributes to default (white directional light in Z axis).
// If the scene contains at least one light, the attributes of light0 will be overridden.
static void IntializeEnvironment(const FbxColor & pAmbientLight);
bool Initialize(const FbxLight * pLight, FbxAnimLayer * pAnimLayer);
// Draw a geometry (sphere for point and directional light, cone for spot light).
// And set light attributes.
void SetLight(const FbxTime & pTime) const;
static int sLightCount; // How many lights in this scene.
GLuint mLightIndex;
PropertyChannel mColorRed;
PropertyChannel mColorGreen;
PropertyChannel mColorBlue;
PropertyChannel mConeAngle;
#endif // _SCENE_CACHE_H