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FbxTransform Class Reference

#include <fbxtransforms.h>

Class Description

Handle transform behaviors such as pivots, limits and offets, etc.

Definition at line 202 of file fbxtransforms.h.

Public Types

enum  EInheritType { eInheritRrSs, eInheritRSrs, eInheritRrs }

Public Member Functions

 FbxTransform ()
EInheritType GetInheritType () const
void SetInheritType (EInheritType pType)
FbxLimitsGetTranslationLimits ()
FbxLimitsGetRotationLimits ()
FbxLimitsGetScalingLimits ()
FbxRotationOrderGetRotationOrder ()
bool HasROffset () const
bool HasRPivot () const
bool HasSOffset () const
bool HasSPivot () const
bool HasPreRM () const
bool HasPostRM () const
void SetROffset (const FbxVector4 &pROffset)
void SetRPivot (const FbxVector4 &pRPivot)
void SetSOffset (const FbxVector4 &pSOffset)
void SetSPivot (const FbxVector4 &pSPivot)
void SetPreRM (const FbxVector4 &pPreR)
void SetPostRM (const FbxVector4 &pPostR)
bool GetRotationSpaceForLimitOnly () const
void SetRotationSpaceForLimitOnly (bool pRotationSpaceForLimitOnly)
void DoF2LT (FbxVector4 &pLT, const FbxVector4 &pDoF, const FbxAMatrix &pLRM, const FbxAMatrix &pLSM)
void LT2DoF (FbxVector4 &pDoF, const FbxVector4 &pLT, const FbxAMatrix &pLRM, const FbxAMatrix &pLSM)
void DoF2LRM (FbxAMatrix &pLRM, const FbxVector4 &pRDoF, bool pForLimit=false)
void LRM2DoF (FbxVector4 &pRDoF, const FbxAMatrix &pLRM, bool pForLimit=false)
void LSM2GSM (FbxAMatrix &pGSM, const FbxAMatrix &pPGSM, const FbxAMatrix &pLSM, const FbxAMatrix &pLRM, const FbxVector4 &pPLS)
void GTRSM2GX (FbxAMatrix &pGX, const FbxVector4 &pGT, const FbxAMatrix &pGRM, const FbxAMatrix &pGSM)

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ EInheritType


Definition at line 205 of file fbxtransforms.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FbxTransform()

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetInheritType()

EInheritType GetInheritType ( ) const

◆ SetInheritType()

void SetInheritType ( EInheritType  pType)

◆ GetTranslationLimits()

FbxLimits& GetTranslationLimits ( )

◆ GetRotationLimits()

FbxLimits& GetRotationLimits ( )

◆ GetScalingLimits()

FbxLimits& GetScalingLimits ( )

◆ GetRotationOrder()

FbxRotationOrder& GetRotationOrder ( )

◆ HasROffset()

bool HasROffset ( ) const

◆ HasRPivot()

bool HasRPivot ( ) const

◆ HasSOffset()

bool HasSOffset ( ) const

◆ HasSPivot()

bool HasSPivot ( ) const

◆ HasPreRM()

bool HasPreRM ( ) const

◆ HasPostRM()

bool HasPostRM ( ) const

◆ SetROffset()

void SetROffset ( const FbxVector4 pROffset)

◆ SetRPivot()

void SetRPivot ( const FbxVector4 pRPivot)

◆ SetSOffset()

void SetSOffset ( const FbxVector4 pSOffset)

◆ SetSPivot()

void SetSPivot ( const FbxVector4 pSPivot)

◆ SetPreRM()

void SetPreRM ( const FbxVector4 pPreR)

◆ SetPostRM()

void SetPostRM ( const FbxVector4 pPostR)

◆ GetRotationSpaceForLimitOnly()

bool GetRotationSpaceForLimitOnly ( ) const

◆ SetRotationSpaceForLimitOnly()

void SetRotationSpaceForLimitOnly ( bool  pRotationSpaceForLimitOnly)

◆ DoF2LT()

void DoF2LT ( FbxVector4 pLT,
const FbxVector4 pDoF,
const FbxAMatrix pLRM,
const FbxAMatrix pLSM 

◆ LT2DoF()

void LT2DoF ( FbxVector4 pDoF,
const FbxVector4 pLT,
const FbxAMatrix pLRM,
const FbxAMatrix pLSM 

◆ DoF2LRM()

void DoF2LRM ( FbxAMatrix pLRM,
const FbxVector4 pRDoF,
bool  pForLimit = false 

◆ LRM2DoF()

void LRM2DoF ( FbxVector4 pRDoF,
const FbxAMatrix pLRM,
bool  pForLimit = false 


void LSM2GSM ( FbxAMatrix pGSM,
const FbxAMatrix pPGSM,
const FbxAMatrix pLSM,
const FbxAMatrix pLRM,
const FbxVector4 pPLS 


void GTRSM2GX ( FbxAMatrix pGX,
const FbxVector4 pGT,
const FbxAMatrix pGRM,
const FbxAMatrix pGSM 

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