Convert default splines to interactive grooming hairs

You can convert default splines created by the XGen geometry instancer to interactive grooming hairs. After converting the splines, you can use the interactive grooming tools to sculpt the hair or modifiers to add effects. Guides from a default splines description do not get converted with the splines.

  1. In the Outliner, select the default splines description.
  2. In the Modeling menu set, select Generate > Convert to Interactive Groom.
  3. In the Convert to Interactive Groom Options, click Output Prefix and type the name you want add to the new interactive grooming nodes.
  4. Click Convert.

    Maya does the following:

    To modify the hair using the interactive grooming tools, you need to add a Sculpt modifier to the description. You can also add other interactive groom modifiers to shape and control the hair.

  5. To add a modifier, select the description in the Interactive Grooming Editor.
  6. Click Add Modifier and select Sculpt or another modifier from the list.

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