Upgrade Cloud Models: Next Steps

After you upgrade a Autodesk Docs project and its Revit models, be sure to complete the following steps.

See Upgrade Cloud Models for instructions on how to upgrade a Autodesk Docs project and its Revit models.

To get the models ready so your team can work with the new version

  1. Launch Revit.
  2. Click Collaborate tabManage Cloud Models.
  3. Select the project.
  4. Select a model and click Publish Latest. To publish all models in the project, click (Actions) and click Publish All.
  5. If your team uses Design Collaboration and managed sharing, after the models have been published, your team should create and share packages in Design Collaboration based on the updated versions. Similarly, your team should only consume packages based on the upgraded versions. Use the compare tool in Document Management to help identify changes in the model.