Revit Home

Use Revit Home to access and manage information related to your models.

Revit Home (the Home page) displays when you start the software. Return to it at any time by clicking (Home) on the Quick Access toolbar or pressing CTRL+D.

Use Revit Home to open a Revit workshared or non-workshared model in the cloud.

Video: Access Your Revit Data

From Revit Home, you can do the following:

Why does it appear that some Autodesk Docs projects are missing in Revit Home?

Revit Home displays only the Autodesk Docs projects containing models that match the release of Revit you are running. For example, if you launched Revit 2021, you will see the Autodesk Docs projects which Revit 2021 cloud models (workshared or non-workshared). Models created in a previous release of Revit are not displayed in the project. If desired, you can upgrade these projects and models to a more recent release of Revit. When the upgrade has succeeded, these models and projects display in Revit Home.