Vault 2022 Updates Install Information

This section contains important information regarding the installation of the client and server updates for Vault 2022.

Update Install Requirements

Server & Client




  1. All clients and servers should be upgraded at the same time to the Vault Update level.
  2. The 'VaultServer_Update.exe' and 'VaultFileServer_Update.exe' are EXE wrappers. You can use /e to extract its content. For e.g. “Autodesk_VaultServer_2022.0.1_Update.exe” /e “C:\Extract”. The contents will be extracted to "C:\Extract". For the ‘VaultClient_Update.exe', just run it, the contents will be extracted to folder C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Temp\Autodesk_VaultClient_2022.0.1_Update
  3. You may get Error 3050/3051 when installing Vault Client 2022 update if the install component version is too low. Please follow the “How do I fix this” instruction to install the latest install components first.