Render Assembly Representations

You can render the assembly representations in your scene, including geometry contained by Scene representations and Alembic-based Cache representations. This lets you setup your scene with Cache representations and low-resolution Scene representations for test renders and lighting tests. You can then switch to high-resolution Scene representations for final renders. Scenes containing Assembly representations can be rendered using batch render (Render > Batch Render ) and single frame Render > Render Current Frame commands.

The Maya Render Settings window includes options for Scene Assembly that let you specify which representations to render based on your workflow. Using the Scene Assembly render settings you can:

You can access the Scene Assembly render options in the Render Settings window by selecting Windows > Rendering Editors > Render Settings. You can render representations in scene files that containassemblyReference nodes.

Note: The Scene Assembly Render representation options are designed to work with assembly references. Using these options to render assembly definitions may not produce the desired results.

Important notes