Assembly Attributes

Definition Name

Displays the location of the scene file containing the referenced assemblyDefinition node.

Click the icon to browse to the location or specify a new file path for the assemblyDefinition node.

(Reload the assembly definition)

Reloads the referenced assembly definition. Use this after you update the assemblyDefinition node.


Displays the assemblyDefinition node namespace.

To specify a namespace, type in the Namespace field or click the icon to open the Namespace Editor and specify a new namespace.

Assembly Representations

Active Representation

Specifies which representation from the list to display as the active representation.

Note: The active representation state is saved with the scene. When the scene is re-opened, the last active representation is automatically loaded.

See Switching active assembly representations.

Representation List

Displays the representations assigned to the referenced assemblyDefinition node with the active representation in bold. Selecting a representation from the list populates the Representation Attributes fields.

Representation Attributes

The values of the Representation Attributes are read-only. To change the attribute values, open the scene file containing the assemblyDefinition node and update its Representation Attributes in the Attribute Editor.


Displays the name of the selected representation. For Cache and Scene representations, the Name attribute inherits the representation source file name.


For Cache and Scene representations, Data displays the location of the source file for the selected representation. For Locator representations, Data displays the user-defined note.


Displays the user-defined name used to identify the representation in the Representation List as well as in the Outliner and scene view menus.

Indicates whether the representation is a Cache, Scene, or Locator.

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