Assembly Representations

Active Representations

Specifies which representation from the list displays in the scene.

See Switching active assembly representations.

Note: The active representation state is saved with the scene. When the scene is re-opened, the last active representation is automatically loaded.
Add Cache representation, Add Locator representation, and Add Scene representation

Adds a new assembly representation of the type selected to the assemblyDefinition node. Cache representations must be Alembic-based cache (.abc) files. Scene representations must be Maya (.ma or .mb) scene files.

See Add assembly representations.

Representation List

Displays the representations assigned to the assemblyDefinition node. The active representation displays in bold.

Using the arrow icons, you can change the order of representations in the list. The first representation in the list loads by default when the scene opens. The ordering of the Representation List also defines how the representations appear in the Outliner and the scene view menus.

Representation Attributes

The values of the Representation Attributes apply to the representation selected in the Representation List.


Specifies the name of the selected representation. For Cache and Scene representations, the Name attribute inherits the representation source file name.


For Cache and Scene representations, displays the location of the source file for the selected representation. To specify a new location for the representation source file, click the icon.

For Locator representations, you can use the Data attribute to add notes. When the Locator is the active representation, the note text displays near the locator in the scene.


The name of the representation as you want it to appear in the Representation List, Outliner and scene view menus.

Indicates whether the representation is a Cache, Scene, or Locator. This is a read-only attribute.
(reload representation)

Reloads the active representation. Use this after you update a representation you want loaded. For example, if you update the location of a Cache or Scene representation source file, you may need to reload the representation to see the updates in the scene.

(remove representation)

Removes the selected representation from the assemblyDefinition node. See Remove assembly representations.

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