UV Editor UV Sets menu

Select the UV set you want to edit in the UV Editor by selecting the name of the UV set from the drop-down list that appears. See UV sets.

UV Set Editor
Opens the UV Set Editor.
Copy UVs to UV Set
Copies the current UV layout to either an existing UV set or a new one.
Create Empty UV Set
Creates a new, empty UV set on the current object. You can then create the UVs in the set using one of the mapping/projection methods. For more information, see Create UV Set options.
Delete Current UV Set
Removes the current active UV set.
Rename Current UV Set
Allows you to assign a new name to the current active UV set.
Per Instance Sharing
Provides options for navigating instances of the current UV Set.
  • Select Shared Instances: selects all instances that share the current UV Set.
  • Share Instances: all selected instances share the current UV set.
  • Make Selected Instance current: sets the selected instance to currently active.
Auto-load textures
Determines whether to automatically load a chosen UV set's associated textures.
Current UV Set
Allows you to switch between the currently displayed UV set for all selected objects.

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