Add Files to a Vault with the Revit Vault Add-in

Use the Add Files command to add a selection of files to the vault.

Relationships between Revit files and associated files are created as new versions of the files are added to vault.

Note: The Sharepath property should be set in Vault before using the Add Files option.

Add Files with the Revit Add-in

    Note: You must be logged into the vault to add files.
  1. On the Vault ribbon tab, select Add Files.
  2. In the Open dialog select the files to add.
    Note: Adding more than 1,000 files may take a long time to process.
    Note: When adding linked files using Add Files, all children files should be added before adding parent files.
  3. Specify any selection changes. If a file is unchecked the file will not be added to vault. The list view supports sorting by type and multi-select for efficient selection.
  4. Under Settings... you may enable or disable the visualization attachment for this session.
  5. The Target Location in Vault specifies the vault folder to which the selected folder is added. If the Share Path property has been configured, the vault path should be automatically set.
  6. Click OK. The selected content is added to the vault.