Viewing Designs

Click a design file within your folder to open it in the Viewer. You can also click View within the Overview page to open a file in the Viewer. The screenshot below shows the main areas of the viewer and the options that you have. To see the options that you have within a Fusion Assembly, a Revit file, and a DWG file, see sections below.

Inside a Fusion Assembly

Within a Fusion Assembly, you can view and isolate a part by clicking the Design icon and selecting from the list of parts. You can also search for a part.

Part selected in Fusion assembly

The screenshot above shows a part selected within a design. You can also right-click over the part and select Isolate or Hide to show or hide just that part. When you isolate a part, it is highlighted in blue. Click Focus to zoom in on the part. Click Show All Objects to show all parts of the design.

Isolated part in Fusion assembly

Inside a Revit File

Within a Revit File, Sheets can be accessed by clicking the Sheets icon to the left.

Inside a DWG File