What is Document Management?

With BIM 360 Document Management, construction teams can manage blueprints, 2D plans, 3D BIM models, and other project documents. The module is designed to streamline your document management processes. You can consolidate all your sheets and designs, and set up standard templates and workflows to maximize efficiency.

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Manage Construction Documents

Manage your 2D plans, 3D models, and other project documents in one place. The flexible document library provides special folders which extract individual 2D documents from 3D project models. This granularity means you can separate and organize complex resources, and quickly populate your folders.


Learn about the best practice workflows applicable to document managers, project members, and administrators.

Invite Collaborators

Project administrators can invite team members to their project.

Work On-site with the iPad

Go from working in the office, to on the job site with a phone or tablet, enabling flexible working for your entire project team.

Get Started

Check out our in-product Learning Panel to help you and your team learn all about Document Management. This learning content is tailored to the specific needs of the user, so a project administrator will see different tutorials than a project member. Just click the Learning Panel icon to get started! Also see our video tutorials on how to get up and running with Document Management. Note: You will need to register to access this free course content.