Construction IQ FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Construction IQ.

Question 1: Who has access to Construction IQ?

Answer 1: Construction IQ is available to BIM 360 Build accounts that meet the following criteria:

Question 2: How do I invite executives?

Answer 2: Users in an executive role have access to the Executive Overview which allows them to analyze cross-project risk. Refer to the Add Executives section of the help to learn how to add members as an executive.

Question 3: Does Construction IQ replace my BI tools?

Answer 3: Construction IQ is not intended to replace existing BI tools such as Power BI or Domo, but to complement them. Customers can access BIM 360 data in their BI tools using the Forge API, and BI data can be displayed in BIM 360 via Partner Cards.

In addition, BI tools typically focus on monthly or annual reporting, while BIM 360 leverages daily project data to produce aggregated results of actual project performance.

Question 4: What is machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence)?

Answer 4: Machine learning uses a set of algorithms that allow computers to "learn" from data without being explicitly programmed. For instance, an AI algorithm can be trained to identify spam by exposing it to large quantities of emails that have been manually tagged as spam or not-spam. The algorithm learns to identify patterns that help it to intelligently identify spam.

Question 5: Did Autodesk use BIM 360 customer data to develop Construction IQ? If I use Construction IQ, can Autodesk see or use my data?

Answer 5: Autodesk worked with a select group of BIM 360 customers, who signed a special pilot agreement to allow access to their data, to develop and validate Construction IQ. The Construction IQ algorithms have been trained prior to the release of Construction IQ, and run automatically without any human intervention.

Question 6: Why do I need to have the BIM 360 Build package to use the Design Risk Management capabilities?

Answer 6: Construction IQ generates advanced analytics that provide the most benefit to customers who use the complete BIM 360 Build package. See the Design tab help for more information.

Question 7: How should I prioritize cost impact vs quality risk?

Answer 7: Cost impact and quality risk have been developed as separate models in Construction IQ, meaning that issues may have a high cost impact with a low risk level, and vice versa. It is recommended that you prioritize issues with both a high cost and high risk level first.

Question 8: How do I opt-out of the Construction IQ preview?

Answer 8: Customers can opt-out of the Construction IQ preview at any time by contacting their Enterprise Priority contact, Autodesk Support, or emailing Please provide your BIM 360 account ID, account name, and confirm that you are an account administrator and have the authorization to opt-out of the preview for your organization.