Construction IQ

Construction IQ helps construction project teams manage risk and improve performance day to day. It takes data from Classic BIM 360 Field and the Next Generation Field Management and Account Admin modules, then applies analytical techniques and machine learning to transform that data into simple and actionable insights.

The daily risk assessment feature uses algorithms to sort through hundreds or thousands of project issues, and to categorize and prioritize the highest risk projects, subcontractors, and issues that need attention each day.

An issue is classified as "high risk" if it involves the risk of a fall, a water hazard, or a pending safety inspection; or if it's overdue. Indicating a project or subcontractor as high risk is a suggestion based on the number of associated high-risk issues.

Important: Not every issue that Construction IQ identifies as high risk may be a high-risk issue. Conversely, Construction IQ may not detect every high-risk issue. We recommend you use Construction IQ as an assistant to manage risk in conjunction with your current safety processes and real-world experience. If required, project leads can change issue risk levels and categories.
Note: The Construction IQ machine learning algorithms are currently optimized for Commercial, Healthcare, Institutional, and Residential project types. Risk analysis of issues is only carried out in projects that use one of these project types. The project type is specified when the project administrator creates the project. See the Construction IQ FAQs topic for more information.

There are two broad categories of Construction IQ user, each with different associated permissions and workflows:

Note: The Construction IQ data presented in Project Home and Insight depends on your project module access and the permissions associated with your assigned role.