Coordination Space Versions

There are currently two versions of coordination spaces available with automatic clash turned on. The version you are using depends on the date that both your project and coordination spaces were created.

What version coordination space am I using?

In projects created after October 25, 2022, all coordination spaces with automatic clash turned on are version 2 (V2) coordination spaces.

In projects created before October 25, 2022:

You can tell which version your coordination space is by doing the following:

Note: Coordination spaces with automatic clash turned off are not versioned and are unaffected by the differences described in the following section.

What are the differences between the versions?

There are several differences between V1 and V2 coordination spaces:

V2 coordination spaces only

V1 and V2 coordination spaces

V1 and V2 coordination spaced will both detect the same clashes, but calculate the numbers of clashes or clash groups slightly differently. This means that the numbers shown in the grid in the Clashes tool, the list in the Models tool, and the Clashes panel in the viewer, might be different between a V1 and V2 coordination space containing the same content.