Selection Filters

When using the API to have the user select an entity you can specify which type(s) of entities are valid to be selected. For example, when using the selectEntity method of the UserInterface object the second argument is the selection filter. Also when performing selections using in a custom command using the SelectionCommandInput object you can define a filter to specify which type(s) of entities are selectable. The selection filter is a string. The complete list of all valid selection filter strings are listed below.

Filter String Description
Bodies Select BRepBody entities (both solid and surface).
SolidBodies Select solid BRepBody entities.
SurfaceBodies Select open (surface) BRepBody entities.
MeshBodies Select mesh bodies.
Faces Select BRepFace entities of any shape on solid and surface BRepBody objects.
SolidFaces Select BRepFace entities of any shape on solid BRepBody objects.
SurfaceFaces Select BRepFace entities of any shape on surface BRepBody objects.
PlanarFaces Select planar BRepFace entities.
CylindricalFaces Select cylindrical BRepFace entities.
ConicalFaces Select conical BRepFace entities.
SphericalFaces Select spherical BRepFace entities.
ToroidalFaces Select toroidal BRepFace entities.
SplineFaces Select spline (NURBS) BRepFace entities.
Edges Select BRepEdge entities of any shape.
LinearEdges Select linear BRepEdge entities.
CircularEdges Select circular BRepEdge (circles and arcs) entities.
EllipticalEdges Select elliptical BRepEdge (full ellipses and elliptical arcs) entities.
TangentEdges Select a BRepEdge that connects faces that are tangent along that edge.
NonTangentEdges Select a BRepEdge that connects faces that are not tangent along that edge.
Vertices Select BRepVertex entities.
RootComponents Select root Component objects.
Occurrences Select Occurrence objects.
Sketches Select Sketch objects.
SketchConstraints Selects sketch geometric and dimensions constraints.
Profiles Select profiles.
Texts Select sketch text.
SketchCurves Select any shape of sketch entity.
SketchLines Select SketchLine entities.
SketchCircles Select SketchCircle entities.
SketchPoints Select SketchPoint entities.
ConstructionPoints Select ConstructionPoint entities.
ConstructionLines Select ConstructionLine entities.
ConstructionPlanes Select ConstructionPlane entities.
Features Select any type of feature.
Canvases Select canvases.
Decals Select decals.
JointOrigins Select joint origins.
Joints Select joints.