UserInterface.selectEntity Method

Parent Object: UserInterface


Supports the selection of a single entity. This provides a simple way to prompt the user for for a selection in a script. If you need more control over the selection a command should be created and a SelectionCommandInput used.

Defined in namespace "adsk::core" and the header file is <Core/UserInterface/UserInterface.h>.


"userInterface_var" is a variable referencing a UserInterface object.
returnValue = userInterface_var.selectEntity(prompt, filter)
"userInterface_var" is a variable referencing a UserInterface object.

#include <Core/UserInterface/UserInterface.h>

returnValue = userInterface_var->selectEntity(prompt, filter);

Return Value

Type Description
Selection Returns a Selection object that provides access the selected entity through it's "entity" property along with the location in space where the entity was selected. Asserts if the selection is aborted.


Name Type Description
prompt string The prompt displayed to the user during the selection.
filter string A string defining the types of entities valid for selection. The valid list of selection filters can be found here: Selection Filters. You can combine multiple types by using a comma delimiter. For example, the string "PlanarFaces,ConstructionPlanes" will allow the selection of either a planar face or a construction plane.


Introduced in version August 2014