About Printing to PDF

You can print views and sheets to PDF (Portable Document Format) files.

The resulting PDF files can be shared with other team members, viewed online, or printed. When printing multiple views and sheets to PDF, you can specify whether each view or sheet is saved in a separate PDF file, or one PDF file contains all selected views and sheets. If you decide to save multiple views and sheets to individual files, you cannot cancel the print job once it starts.

Tip: You can also export construction documents to DWF. DWF files are smaller in size than PDF files, and they can be easily shared with colleagues for online review.

Using Electronic PDF Files

Note: This feature or functionality is available only to students and to Autodesk Maintenance and Desktop Subscription customers for Revit 2015 software releases.

When you view an electronic version of the PDF file, the following additional functionality is available:

Note: Hyperlinks in electronic PDF files work properly when you use a PDF print driver and a PDF viewer that support hyperlinks, such as the Adobe PDF® print driver and Adobe Reader®. If hyperlinks in your Revit-generated PDF files do not work as expected, check the specifications for the PDF print driver and the PDF viewer. If they do not support hyperlinks, use a different PDF print driver or PDF viewer.