MDrawRequestQueue Class Reference

#include <MDrawRequestQueue.h>

Class Description

This method is obsolete.

Use MHWRender::MRenderItem and MHWRender::MPxGeometryOverride instead for Viewport 2.0 support.

This class defines a simple interface for a collection of MDrawRequest objects.

An MDrawRequestQueue object is passed to the getDrawRequests method of a user defined shape's UI class (MPxSurfaceShapeUI). This queue keeps track of all the things that need to get draw when a refresh of the view occurs.

Maya will call the getDrawRequest methods of all the visible DAG objects before a refresh happens. Then as the refresh happens, each draw request will be processed and the corresponding draw method for each DAG object will get called. For user defined shapes MPxSurfaceShapeUI::draw will get called.

+ Examples:

Public Member Functions

 MDrawRequestQueue ()
 ~MDrawRequestQueue ()
bool isEmpty () const
 Returns true if the queu is empty. More...
void add (MDrawRequest &)
 Adds a draw request to the draw queue. More...
MDrawRequest remove ()
 Removes a draw request from the draw queue. More...
 MDrawRequestQueue (const MDrawRequestQueue &)
 Copy Constructor.
MDrawRequestQueueoperator= (const MDrawRequestQueue &)
 Assignment operator.

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * className ()
 Returns the name of this class. More...

Member Function Documentation

bool isEmpty ( ) const

Returns true if the queu is empty.

  • true the draw queue is empty
  • false the draw queue is not empty
void add ( MDrawRequest request)

Adds a draw request to the draw queue.

[in]requestthe draw request to add
+ Examples:
MDrawRequest remove ( )

Removes a draw request from the draw queue.

The draw request that was removed
const char * className ( )

Returns the name of this class.

Name of this class.

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