MStringResource Class Reference

#include <MStringResource.h>

Class Description

Localizable string resources.

The MStringResource class implements methods for registering and retrieving string values from externally defined string resources. This allows the plug-in to provide localized string resources.

The lookup is done using MStringResourceId values.

Public Member Functions

 MStringResource ()
 The Class constructor. More...
 ~MStringResource ()
 The class destructor. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static const MString getString (const MStringResourceId &id, MStatus &status)
 Retrieve a string resource using a key value. More...
static MStatus registerString (const MStringResourceId &id)
 Register a plugin string resource. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

The Class constructor.

Not used as all methods are static.

The class destructor.

Not used as all methods are static.

Member Function Documentation

const MString getString ( const MStringResourceId id,
MStatus status 

Retrieve a string resource using a key value.

By default, the string returned will be the default string value provided as part of the string ID and registered via MStringResource::registerString. If a localized value has been provided, it will be returned instead. See also MStringResourceId and MFnPlugin::registerUIString.

[in]idResource id of the string to retrieve.
[in]statusMS::kSuccess if lookup succeeded, otherwise MS::kFailure
The string if it can be found, the empty string otherwise.
+ Examples:
MStatus registerString ( const MStringResourceId id)

Register a plugin string resource.

The MStringResourceId passed in provides all the information required to register the string and to initialize it to its default value.

See also MStringResourceId and MFnPlugin::getUIString.

[in]idResource id associated with the string to register.
MS::kSuccess if registration succeeded, otherwise MS::kFailure
+ Examples:

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