MStringResourceId Class Reference

#include <MStringResourceId.h>

Class Description

Public Member Functions

 MStringResourceId ()
 The Class constructor. More...
 MStringResourceId (const char *pluginId, const char *keyString, const MString &defaultValue)
 Class constructor. More...
 MStringResourceId (const MStringResourceId &)
 Copy constructor. More...
MStringResourceIdoperator= (const MStringResourceId &)
 Assignment operator. More...
bool operator!= (const MStringResourceId &) const
 Inequality operator. More...
bool operator== (const MStringResourceId &) const
 Equality operator. More...
 ~MStringResourceId ()
 The class destructor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

The Class constructor.

Initializes the new MStringResourceId instance to the empty string. This constructor will not be used in practice.

MStringResourceId ( const char *  pluginId,
const char *  keyString,
const MString defaultValue 

Class constructor.

Create a new instance of an MStringResourceId. This object can then be used to register and retrieve MStringResource's.

The unique resource key is formed from a pair of strings: the name of the plugin the string is associated with and a unique Id for this particular string. The resourceId also contains the string's default value.

[in]pluginIdthe name of this plugin
[in]keyStringthe unique string Id (within this plugin)
[in]defaultValuethe default value for the string resource

Copy constructor.

Create a new MStringResourceId instance by copying another.

[in]otherthe MStringResourceId to copy from.

Member Function Documentation

MStringResourceId & operator= ( const MStringResourceId other)

Assignment operator.

Allows assignment between MStringResourceId instances.

bool operator!= ( const MStringResourceId other) const

Inequality operator.

Allows 2 MStringResourceIds to be compared to see if they differ.

bool operator== ( const MStringResourceId other) const

Equality operator.

Allows 2 MStringResourceIds to be compared to see if they contain identical values.

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