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// Example plugin: crackFreePrimitiveGenerator.cpp
// This plug-in is an example of a custom MPxIndexBufferMutator.
// It provides custom primitives based on shader requirements coming from
// an MPxShaderOverride. The name() in the MIndexBufferDescriptor is used
// to signify a unique identifier for a custom buffer.
#include <maya/MPxIndexBufferMutator.h>
#include <maya/MGeometry.h>
class MDagPath;
class MObject;
namespace MHWRender
class MComponentDataIndexingList;
class CrackFreePrimitiveGenerator : public MHWRender::MPxIndexBufferMutator
CrackFreePrimitiveGenerator(bool addAdjacentEdges, bool addDominantEdges, bool addDominantPosition);
virtual ~CrackFreePrimitiveGenerator();
const MHWRender::MVertexBufferArray& vertexBuffers,
MHWRender::MIndexBuffer& mutatedBuffer,
int& primitiveStride) const;
// This will allow cleaning up the swatch for PNAEN geometries:
static void mutateIndexBuffer( const MUintArray& originalBufferIndices,
const float* positionBufferFloat,
const float* uvBufferFloat,
bool bAddAdjacentEdges,
bool bAddDominantEdges,
bool bAddDominantPosition,
MHWRender::MGeometry::DataType indexBufferDataType,
void* indexData );
static unsigned int computeTriangleSize( bool bAddAdjacentEdges,
bool bAddDominantEdges,
bool bAddDominantPosition);
static MHWRender::MPxIndexBufferMutator* createCrackFreePrimitiveGenerator18();
static MHWRender::MPxIndexBufferMutator* createCrackFreePrimitiveGenerator9();
bool fAddAdjacentEdges;
bool fAddDominantEdges;
bool fAddDominantPosition;