About AutoCAD Suite Workflows

If you have an AutoCAD Suite, you can use preset or custom workflows in AutoCAD to generate models within Autodesk 3ds Max or Autodesk Showcase.

A suite workflow is a process for moving drawing data from one product to another and displaying an engineered design in more realistic detail, using rendering or animation. For example, a workflow can take an AutoCAD drawing and transfer it to 3ds Max or Showcase to render it in dramatic detail using 3ds Max properties.

Preset workflows provide default settings for 3ds Max or Showcase to apply to the design data from AutoCAD. These settings can be copied and edited to create your own custom workflows.

Workflows are available from the application menu:

Note: Although workflows are only normally available when you have AutoCAD as part of a suite, Enterprise users with e-flex and multi-flex licenses are always authorized to use them.