FBX C++ API Reference
Copyright (C) 2015 Autodesk, Inc.
All rights reserved.
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provided at the time of installation or download, or which otherwise accompanies
this software in either electronic or hard copy form.
#include "GlFunctions.h"
class DrawText;
// This class is responsive for loading files and recording current status as
// a bridge between window system such as GLUT or Qt and a specific FBX scene.
class SceneContext
enum Status
UNLOADED, // Unload file or load failure;
MUST_BE_LOADED, // Ready for loading file;
MUST_BE_REFRESHED, // Something changed and redraw needed;
REFRESHED // No redraw needed.
Status GetStatus() const { return mStatus; }
// Initialize with a .FBX, .DAE or .OBJ file name and current window size.
SceneContext(const char * pFileName, int pWindowWidth, int pWindowHeight, bool pSupportVBO);
// Return the FBX scene for more informations.
const FbxScene * GetScene() const { return mScene; }
// Load the FBX or COLLADA file into memory.
bool LoadFile();
// The time period for one frame.
const FbxTime GetFrameTime() const { return mFrameTime; }
// Call this method when redraw is needed.
bool OnDisplay();
// Call this method when window size is changed.
void OnReshape(int pWidth, int pHeight);
// Call this method when keyboard input occurs.
void OnKeyboard(unsigned char pKey);
// Call this method when mouse buttons are pushed or released.
void OnMouse(int pButton, int pState, int pX, int pY);
// Call this method when mouse is moved.
void OnMouseMotion(int pX, int pY);
// Call this method when timer is finished, for animation display.
void OnTimerClick() const;
// Methods for creating menus.
// Get all the cameras in current scene, including producer cameras.
const FbxArray<FbxNode *> & GetCameraArray() const { return mCameraArray; }
// Get all the animation stack names in current scene.
const FbxArray<FbxString *> & GetAnimStackNameArray() const { return mAnimStackNameArray; }
// Get all the pose in current scene.
const FbxArray<FbxPose *> & GetPoseArray() const { return mPoseArray; }
// The input index is corresponding to the array returned from GetAnimStackNameArray.
bool SetCurrentAnimStack(int pIndex);
// Set the current camera with its name.
bool SetCurrentCamera(const char * pCameraName);
// The input index is corresponding to the array returned from GetPoseArray.
bool SetCurrentPoseIndex(int pPoseIndex);
// Set the currently selected node from external window system.
void SetSelectedNode(FbxNode * pSelectedNode);
// Set the shading mode, wire-frame or shaded.
void SetShadingMode(ShadingMode pMode);
// Pause the animation.
void SetPause(bool pPause) { mPause = pPause; }
// Check whether the animation is paused.
bool GetPause() const { return mPause; }
enum CameraZoomMode
CameraZoomMode GetZoomMode() { return mCameraZoomMode; }
void SetZoomMode( CameraZoomMode pZoomMode);
// Display information about current status in the left-up corner of the window.
void DisplayWindowMessage();
// Display a X-Z grid.
void DisplayGrid(const FbxAMatrix & pTransform);
enum CameraStatus
const char * mFileName;
mutable Status mStatus;
mutable FbxString mWindowMessage;
FbxManager * mSdkManager;
FbxScene * mScene;
FbxImporter * mImporter;
FbxAnimLayer * mCurrentAnimLayer;
FbxNode * mSelectedNode;
int mPoseIndex;
FbxArray<FbxString*> mAnimStackNameArray;
FbxArray<FbxNode*> mCameraArray;
FbxArray<FbxPose*> mPoseArray;
mutable FbxTime mFrameTime, mStart, mStop, mCurrentTime;
mutable FbxTime mCache_Start, mCache_Stop;
// Data for camera manipulation
mutable int mLastX, mLastY;
mutable FbxVector4 mCamPosition, mCamCenter;
mutable double mRoll;
mutable CameraStatus mCameraStatus;
bool mPause;
ShadingMode mShadingMode;
bool mSupportVBO;
//camera zoom mode
CameraZoomMode mCameraZoomMode;
int mWindowWidth, mWindowHeight;
// Utility class for draw text in OpenGL.
DrawText * mDrawText;
// Initialize GLEW, must be called after the window is created.
bool InitializeOpenGL();
#endif // _SCENE_CONTEXT_H