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FbxNameHandler Class Reference

#include <fbxnamehandler.h>

Class Description

A name is a case-sensitive string ID of a property, a node, a node attribute, a texture, etc.

The characters constituting a name has no specific limitation. An initial name is the original name (from importing a file, for example), which is saved up for reversible renaming. A current name is the name used in FBX. A namespace is a simple grouping of objects under a given name. Namespaces are primarily used to resolve name-clash issues in FBX, where a new object has the same name as an existing object.

For example, Maya only accepts names with letters, digits, or underscores. And when a user import FBX into Maya, a node whose name contains whitespace will be renamed. But the connections and references to this node in FBX scene graph still use the original name, so users have to use the initial name to retrieve related information.

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Public Member Functions

 FbxNameHandler (const char *pInitialName="")
 Constructor. More...
 FbxNameHandler (FbxNameHandler const &pName)
 Copy constructor. More...
 ~FbxNameHandler ()
void SetInitialName (const char *pInitialName)
 Set the initial name. More...
const char * GetInitialName () const
 Get the initial name. More...
void SetCurrentName (const char *pNewName)
 Set the current name. More...
const char * GetCurrentName () const
 Get the current name. More...
void SetNameSpace (const char *pNameSpace)
 Set the namespace. More...
const char * GetNameSpace () const
 Get the namespace. More...
bool IsRenamed () const
 Check if the current name and initial name match. More...
FbxNameHandleroperator= (FbxNameHandler const &pName)
 Assignment operator. More...
FbxArray< FbxString * > GetNameSpaceArray (char identifier)
 Get the namespaces in a string pointer array format. More...

Private use for the renaming strategies classes.

Some renaming strategies classes need to store the parent name to successfully apply the renaming algorithms.

The methods in this section allow them to do so.

Because of the very specific use of the mParentName string, callers of the FbxNameHandler class should never assume that mParentName is correctly initialized nor contains a meaningful value outside the scope of the renaming strategy class that used it.
void SetParentName (const char *pParentName)
 Set the parent name. More...
const char * GetParentName () const
 Get the parent name. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FbxNameHandler() [1/2]

FbxNameHandler ( const char *  pInitialName = "")


pInitialNameName string used to initialize both members (initialName and currentName) of this class.

◆ FbxNameHandler() [2/2]

FbxNameHandler ( FbxNameHandler const &  pName)

Copy constructor.

pNameA FbxNameHandler copied to this one.

◆ ~FbxNameHandler()

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetInitialName()

void SetInitialName ( const char *  pInitialName)

Set the initial name.

pInitialNameNew string for the initial name.
The current name will also be changed to this value.

◆ GetInitialName()

const char* GetInitialName ( ) const

Get the initial name.

Pointer to the InitialName string buffer.

◆ SetCurrentName()

void SetCurrentName ( const char *  pNewName)

Set the current name.

pNewNameNew string for the current name.
The initial name is not affected.

◆ GetCurrentName()

const char* GetCurrentName ( ) const

Get the current name.

Pointer to the CurrentName string buffer.

◆ SetNameSpace()

void SetNameSpace ( const char *  pNameSpace)

Set the namespace.

pNameSpaceNew string for the namespace.
The initial name is not affected.

◆ GetNameSpace()

const char* GetNameSpace ( ) const

Get the namespace.

Pointer to the namespace string buffer.

◆ IsRenamed()

bool IsRenamed ( ) const

Check if the current name and initial name match.

true if the current name isn't identical to the initial name.

◆ operator=()

FbxNameHandler& operator= ( FbxNameHandler const &  pName)

Assignment operator.

pNameFbxNameHandler assigned to this one.

◆ SetParentName()

void SetParentName ( const char *  pParentName)

Set the parent name.

pParentNameNew string for the parent name.
The parent name here could combine several hierarchy name. The full name should be "ParentName + CurrentName". A |_B |_C For the above hierarchy, the parent name of C is "AB". The full name of C is "ABC".

◆ GetParentName()

const char* GetParentName ( ) const

Get the parent name.

Pointer to the ParentName string buffer.

◆ GetNameSpaceArray()

FbxArray<FbxString*> GetNameSpaceArray ( char  identifier)

Get the namespaces in a string pointer array format.

FbxArray<FbxString*> .
The array is filled in reverse order. For example, with a namespace string defined as: a:b:c:d, the filled array is: array[0]=d, array[1]=c, array[2]=b and array[3]=a

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