Create Interactive Groom Splines Options

Creates an interactive groom splines description on the selected mesh object using these initial settings. You can later adjust Density, Length, Width Scale and CV Count values using the XGen interactive groom description node attributes and Interactive grooming tools.

New Description Name
Type a name for the description. The descriptionShape and description_base nodes that are created use this name as a prefix.
Generator Seed
Sets the procedural seed value. This lets you randomly generate hair and fur so that they do not generate at the same locations.
Sets the number of hairs per-face.

You can later increase or decrease this hair density using the Density brush tool or by adjusting the description_base node's Density Multiplier attribute. See description_base node attributes.

Approximate Spline Count
Displays the number of hairs generated on the surface of the mesh based on the current Density setting. This is read only value.
Sets the initial length of each hair in cm.

You can later modify hair length using the Scale modifier or by sculpting hair with the Length brush tool.

Width Scale
Sets the initial width of each hair in cm.

You can later modify hair width using the description_base node's Width Scale attribute or by sculpting hair with the Width brush tool.


CV Count

Sets the number of control vertices on each hair. The default value of 5 works well for most types of hair. Increase this value for long hair. You can add or remove hair CVs later on using the description_base node's CV Count attribute.