Component Tags table

Component Tags table in the Attribute Editor

Use this table to edit Component Tags membership from the shape node in Attribute Editor. To add Component Tags to an object, see Assign Component Tags to geometry.

The Component Tags attributes are shown in table format in the Component Tags Attribute Editor widget. Click the column title to sort entries.
Column Name Function
Search field Enter a name to find assigned Component Tag.
Filter Click to expand a menu where you can limit your search to the following Geometry types: Vertices, Edges, and Faces, as well as by the following Tag types: Editable, Read Only, and Procedural.

You can also search using Expressions. See Component Tags expressions.

Add Click to add an entry to the Component Tags table. If components are selected, they are included in the new tag. See Assign Component Tags to geometry.
Remove Deletes the currently selected Component Tag from the scene.
Name The name of the corresponding Component Tag.

Names with an * (asterisk) beside it indicates that a Component Tag coming from upstream has been modified.

Type Icons in this column correspond to the Component Tag type:
  • Vertex
  • Edge
  • Face
Injection Location The original position of the deformer.
TypeCount The number of components included in the Component Tag/ The total number of components, in the Component Tag category.

For example, a cube with one face as a Component Tag would show in this field as 1/6.

Order The sequence of the Component Tag position in the deformation chain of the injection node, with the lowest number indicating the furthest upstream.

Component Tag table right-click menu

Right-click any row to expose a menu with Select Components, Create, Delete, and Rename... options, as well as a Components rollout. See Edit Deformer set membership with Component tags for more information.

Select Components
Click to focus on the node shown in the Node field.
Modify Tag options
The following right click options let you update Component Tags
Click Rename to open a window where you can enter a new name for the selected Component Tag.
Removes the Component Tag from the list.
Copies the Component Tag.

Combines the selected Component Tags memberships into one. Ctrl-or Shift-select multiple Component Tags to create a new Merged Tag based on the selected tags; merging tags does not overwrite the existing tags.

The Merge option appears in the Component Tags right-click menu only when you select more than one tag.

Modify Tag Component options
The following right-click options let you update Component Tags component types.
Add Selected
Incorporate selected components to the corresponding Component Tag group.
Remove Selected
Excludes the selected component(s) from the corresponding Component Tag group.
Replace with Selected
Changes the selected component for the selected components.
Removes selected component from the corresponding Component Tag group.
Convert Tag Components options
The following right-click option lets you update the type of component used for the corresponding Component Tag. Reselect the Component Tag to view the update to the new component type.
Convert to Faces/Edges/Verts
Changes the component type of the corresponding Component Tag to the chosen type.