What's New in AutoCAD 2023

Learn about new features in this release of AutoCAD 2023. For technical details, see the release notes.


2023.1 Highlights

Additional enhancements

3D Graphics: Below is a list of improvements that have been made to the 3D Graphics system.
  • TrueType font support for Mac OS
  • Line weights
  • Locked layer dimming
  • Xref dimming
  • And other performance improvements

2023 Release


Additional enhancements

Insert Block: The Block Redefine dialog box provides an option to rename a block when the specified block name already exists in the drawing.

Options Dialog Box: A new task dialog prompts you to either save or discard the changes made when you attempt to close or cancel the Options dialog box.

Isolation Mode: The object selection is now maintained when you exit isolation mode.

New Drawing: Hovering over the New drop-down on the Start tab, displays a tooltip with the name of the drawing template file that will be used.

Customer Error Reporting (CER): Your email address is now automatically filled in when an error report is generated.

Multi-core Background Publishing: The publish option "Include Hyperlinks" is now supported when publishing a Multi-sheet PDF file using background publishing.