Auto Seams

Use the Auto Seams command to let Maya automatically identify and select the best edges on the selected mesh(es) or UV Shell(s) to act as a seam.


Fix non-manifold geometry
Cleanup operation on the mesh. If this option is disabled, Maya will instead output a warning with the option to manually run a Cleanup operation.
Note: Auto Seams will not run on a non-manifold mesh.

Auto Seams Settings


Determines whether to just select the appropriate edges or perform a Cut UVs operation on them. Defaults to Cut.


Determines whether to use the default algorithm, or to place seams along all hard edges. For more information on hardening edges, see Harden or soften polygon shading with vertex normals.

Shell Splitting Tolerance

Determines the likeliness that existing UV shells will be split into new shells when cutting. Setting this to 0 prevents the creation of new shells entirely.

Connect Holes

Attempts to fill holes in the UV shell, which can help reduce distortion. Defaults to on.