Use the UV Editor grid

The UV Editor has a grid feature that lets you accurately control the position and spacing of UVs when you move, rotate, or scale them.

To... Do this

Show or hide the grid.

In the UV Editor, click the Toggle Grid button on the toolbar or choose View > Grid ().

Change the grid.

In the UV Editor, choose View > Grid > ().

For more information, see UV Editor View menu.

Snap UVs to the grid when moving them.

Use grid snapping (hold x while moving UVs).

Change how UVs snap when moved.

Double-click the Move tool to open its options panel.

Use the Retain Component Spacing option to control how UVs snap:

When off, all selected UVs will snap to the same point.

When on, selected UVs will keep their positions relative to each other as they move.

Snap UVs to pixels when moved.

In the UV Editor, click the Toggle Snap to Pixel button in the toolbar, or choose Image > Pixel Snap > .


In the options, choose whether snapping is to pixel corners or centers.

Snap many UVs to the grid at once.

Select the UVs and then select Align & Snap > Match Grid () in the UV Toolkit, or Modify > Grid in the menu.
Note: You'll need to make sure the Grid UVs options' Grid U and Grid V values match the number of grid spaces per UV square in order for the UVs to match the grid as shown precisely.

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