Drawing Overview

You draw when you are placing lines and points to create a form. You can draw on the following elements:

3D levels and 3D reference planes are automatically detected. They highlight in the drawing area as the cursor moves over them. Click to select one of these to set it as the active work plane.

To draw in the conceptual design environment

  1. Click Model tabDraw panel Line.
    Note: If you want to draw a reference-based form, click Model tabDraw panel Reference before selecting a drawing tool. See Unconstrained and Referenced-Based Forms.

    This procedure uses a simple line, but you can use any of the tools in the Draw Panel. Also, several options become available on the Options Bar once you select a tool. You can set the placement plane, create a surface by drawing closed profiles, draw a chain of lines, and set an offset or radius value.

  2. Click Modify | LinesDraw panel Draw on Face to draw on a surface, or click Modify | LinesDraw panel Draw on Work Plane to draw on a work plane.
  3. Click in the drawing area, and draw a line.
  4. Click Model tabSelect panel Modify.