Manage Project Members

As a project administrator, you can add account members to a project and manage which activated modules they can access. You can also resend project invitations and remove members from a project.

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To access the Project Admin module, click the Module Selector .

The Members tab displays all members of the selected project, their assigned role and company, and the services or modules they have access to.

Tip: If the Project Admin option is not available, use the Project Selector to choose the project you want to add members to. You are automatically taken to the Project Admin module.

Add Project Members

  1. Click Add.

  2. In the Add Project Members field, start typing a member's name if that person is already in the account.

  3. Click the member email from the available options on the drop-down menu.

    Note: To add a member who is not already in the account, enter that person's email address in the Add Project Members field.
  4. Click Select.

    Note: The list of added members will display the project member status of someone who was previously added.
  5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 to add multiple members to a project at the same time.

  6. Click Add to Project. This generates an email notification to members to activate their membership and access the project.

Assign Member Roles

In the row showing the member's information, click in the field under the Role column.

Assign a member's role for the first time:

Change an existing role:

Note: You don't need to click the checkbox next to the member name to activate this field.
Tip: The assigned role determines a member's access to all modules. For example, a Superintendent is granted administration rights and access to Document Management, Project Management, Model Coordination, Field Management, and Insight. However, this can be overwritten as described in Control Member Access to Modules.

Add a Company Affiliation

To add or edit a member's company affiliation:

Control Member Access to Modules

Member access permissions are displayed under the module column headings.

Different icons represent the access level for each member:

Click an icon to change the access level.

Tip: Giving individual members administrator access gives them administration permissions for all modules associated with their member status. When a member's access to all modules is removed, that person is effectively removed from the project. Members can also be deleted from the directory by account administrators.
Note: Assigning access to individual modules overwrites the access level granted by role.

The following video demonstrates how to use member roles to control access to an account or module:


Resend Project Invitations

  1. Click the checkbox next to the name of one or more members who are shown as Pending under the Status column. The Resend Invitation option will appear next to the Add and Remove features.

    Note: This option does not appear on the default Project Members page or for members with an Active status. Members with an active status can be sent a link to the product, they do not need to be invited again.

  2. Click Resend Invitation.

Remove Project Members

  1. Select the checkbox for one or more members.

  2. Click Remove.

Tip: Project members can also be managed by account administrators.
Note: If a member has been removed from a project and is later re-added, that person's name will reappear as associated with relevant, prior project activities.

Video: Manage Project Members

The following video demonstrates how to manage project members:


Account administrators can manage account members, which includes adding people to the member directory so project administrators can add them more easily to projects.

Permission levels may vary based on module. The following topics have details for the permissions for specific workflows: